Day 1

Time – : 04:40
Location – Gulfonodi

Today I start my search, a few of the locals back at Joint harvesting toasted me as a fool last night in the bar. They are probably right. The dock foreman wasn’t so jovial with me, I seem to make enemies of them quite quickly with my indecisiveness. It seems sighing and muttering `Make up your mind’ was the most common phrase said during the hour or so it took me to select which modules I wanted to construct my Tengu out of. Either way, I am out here now, loaded with missiles, drones and probes. I have hit a number of signatures, unfortunately nothing of much interest to me.

I will keep on searching. In the mean time I have been flying some of this systems 29 belts. The belts of planet VIII, a huge Gas giant where quite pretty, with the presence of minerals comes piracy, the Angle Cartel seemed to be making some noise touring the belts just as I was. I left them to their own devices, any capsuleer around these parts worth their bacon could easily defend themselves against the small offerings on show.

I hope tomorrow yields better luck, signing off.

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Setting off on a Journey

As I am yet to have a lot of time to fully sort out what I am doing with Riku, I am going to embark on a smaller project and probably a little bit of RP in eve (first time in eve actually).
I am going to load up my Tengu and head out into the blue. I have moved all my assets to Molden Heath, a possible new home for Riku, but before I organise that Eros Madelung is going on a holiday of sorts.

As I said, the Tengu is being loaded up and I am going to go do some exploring, It is my intent to get quite lost and then find my way back again… either with my Tengu or without depending what happens. Obviously with my tengu would be the better option. I will keep the blog updated with RP snippets as I go.

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[Riku] – Check Lists

OK so the planning of the plan has started and it is pretty clear I cannot set any firm goals with Riku in its current condition. So I have now a few ideas of short and long term goals.


  • Shape up the corp structure
  • Relocate HQ and personal gear to a new home.
  • Shape up and shake down hangers. (there are a few impounded items, I need to check and see if there is any value there though with the original shakedown this is unlikely)
  • In reference to top point, organise corp titles
  • Start advertising for people
  • Come up with a simple vetting procedure.


  • Direction for the corp, 0.0 living? [Rent space? Try join an alliance? Go to some of the npc owned areas?]
  • Empire projects, mission running? Mining?
  • Evaluate PI and it’s role for the corp. This will most likely be useless as PI seems to be personal rather than corporate ventures.
  • Get a plan
  • Eat cake as often as money and availability allows.

Some of these points I already have answers for or at least directions. The corp will have a fairly standard structure at the start with CEO and Directors, the directors being any old players who I already know who I can attract back to the corp. Thus far I just have a single person, possibly two. Other short term items are not a big deal either, simply a case of going through the titles and checking the boxes and testing it out to see if we are as secure as I want to be.

More to follow when it comes.

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So you “Plan to get a plan”

As was said in the channel after I talked about having control of Riku, I need to get a plan.

So what kind of plan should that be? and what will be needed?

First maybe I should work out what I can do, and what Id like to get out of it. Running a corp as experience has shown is not a walk in the park, and has some risks. As Im fairly convinced, the internet is a festering cesspit of kids who think being an asshole pretty much is the point of life. “Its all for the lols”

This in mind I would like to attract older players to the corp. However what can I offer them? Not a great deal at the moment that is for sure. So I am likely stuck with the new players and basically having a nub starter corp, plus any of my old friends I can convince to sign up.

The things I want to avoid

  • Morons – Maybe Im just getting older and more like some miserable old man than I want to admit, but I really don’t find the idea of being in a corp full of 16 year old prats who just got their parents to sub them up and are about as mature as a two day old, very appealing. Iv dealt with a few such characters in the past and the fewer of these types the better!
  • Raided – I have experienced theft a number of times ingame and no one can say that it is fine and all apart of the fun and games. Because to me it goes back to my Morons point.
  • Scouted – Now I will either be branded as a Carebear, or someone who has a point. Don’t get me wrong, I actually LOVE PvP, its exciting, gives me a rush and I love the feeling of having a team work together and do some serious pwning. HOWEVER, being a gentlemanly type, what I find annoying is the scouting and wardecing of small corps just for the cheap LOLs by a corp filled with people described in point number 1. It really isn’t anything to be proud of stomping all over a small corp that cannot really rise to the fight you bring them. Its a little bit like the a modern nation going and stomping all over a 3rd world country then acting like it was an achievement. (before anyone points out… yes I know that sound familiar.) Maybe I will write an entry on how I feel about this subject later

The above 3 points can for the most part be avoided by careful filtering, careful role setup and monitoring, and not making too much noise out in the field. Unfortunately nothing can really stop you getting a wardec or two.

I think the plan to start with is simply to get a few members in the corp, nubs probably, so I can shape them a bit. It is not as bad as it sounds, but i think the whole idea of vetting new members to weed out the idiots is definitely worth while. After this, the actual plan should be planned so to speak.


Rakeriku – The Rebirth?

When I first played my 14 day free trial sent to me by a friend of mine, I instinctively joined the same corp and flew about with him. This was G-Guild [GG]. I stayed in GG for a while, getting to know the ropes, getting to know EvE, getting killed in a few wars and generally being a huge nub.

Then during one evening I joined up with a two buddies and we hatched a plan to build our very own corp. So it started with us 3 and we came up with a name that apparently, when put into Google returned no hits. I didn’t try it myself but the name sounded cool enough.

So the Rebirth? Well, in its heyday Riku (as we called it for short) built ships, and made a pretty good business in eve selling them, running mining ops and generally just being pretty good. Myself i was the lazyer of the directors and didn’t really do that much other than pos fuel runs and picking up the occasional bpc, sort out mineral payments. Overall my biggest contribution was that of a Mission running project where the aim was to generate a Caldari Navy Raven offer (yep, not from the LP store but an old style offer).

During the latter stages due to real life issues or time constraints most members faded away and so did our main core of directors. Either leaving for other corps with more activity or just suspending accounts.

In the end the CEOship of the corp fell to one of its founding members, and his account was not re-subbed and so the Riku name was no more.

Until that is now, with the 5 day free account activation, the character is back and I have joined up and had the CEOship transferred, so I am back and the owner of a corp to which I had many fond memories, and made many friends. Will I attempt to bring it back? I haven’t decided yet as it is a lot of work. Maybe, just maybe this could be a Rebirth of sorts.

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The Primae


Visiting a planet


Here is a nice screenshot of the Primae. It is a nicely designed ship, someone had alot of time and made a lovely model. As mentioned previously the specs for this ship are somewhat of a puzzle for us ‘end game’ characters with many skillpoints under our belt.

As said in Morphisats blog; it seems somewhat useless for us, and is basically just a ship for the new players without industrial skills.

So lets weigh it up if it isn’t that obvious.
We have a ship with;
4 lowslots
100m3 Cargo
1000m3 PI hold
1600m3 Command Centre hold.

So, if for example you are setting up a PI operation, involving 5 planets (like I did previously to produce Nano-Factories) you plan it and buy 5 command centres totalling  8000m3 and we run into our first problem.

The ship is for single planet deployment, this wastes a hell of alot of time, it is possible with a few days of training get a standard hauler with over 8000m3 cargo to allow transport of all these items. This means you need to deploy and return and pick up for each planet. Which as iv pointed out is a waste of time and effort.

So we have a 1000m3 PI hold… this translates to
100,000 units of raw materials
2631 units of level 1 processed materials
666 units of level 2 processed materials
166 units of level 3 processed materials
10 units of top level final products

This is fairly reasonable, however remember that your storage installations hold 5000m3. So if like me you tend to leave your plants for a few days before unloading them, and moving the commodities around for final level processing, you are left with making multiple trips… if you are in the same system that is not so bad, but if its jumps away then this is once again a simple pain and a waste of time. A small hauler would still do much better.

So for small running about with stuff, it is great for the new players who have nearly no skills, for everyone else, its somewhat a waste of time unfortunately.

Despite all this i can still understand the reason why it exists. Well think of all the gifts we have had in the past

Snowballs+Launchers that do negative thermal damage….
A fancy Jove shuttle
A wh scan probe spec ship ++++
The PI spec ship.

So things have been getting more useful, though not a great deal. The scanprobe ship is probably the coolest one for its usefulness, though this said if you have lots of skillpoints costly alternatives are still 100x better.

But these are free gifts, it is important not to break the game with a few over powered freebies. If you gave a ship for PI and made it infinately more useful than a hauler, why would people use haulers? They wouldn’t and bing! you just broke some of the eve economy.

So the important thing to remember is no free gift is ever going to replace any of the ships you currently have. It would be foolish for CCP to give us anything that is anything but a novelty.

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Tyrannis 1.0.2

After a hugely extended downtime last week (which I hardly noticed due to huge work demand and that of relocating a house) CCP have decided to give the players a gift to say sorry.

That is, some skillpoints and a ship (I think a ship). Skill points should apparently be equivalent to normal training during the downtime. I haven’t been bothered to check to see how much that is.

Either way I am patching currently, and EvEmon is telling me only 7 players are online. Which means the server is not accepting connections.


So number of skill points was 100,000 which was fairly good going, for my current skill (I indeed allocated it to that skill to bring close to completion) was Command Centre upgrades, and was equivalent to about 2 days training. However im very slow at these skills so yes it is likely about 1 day of training for good learning skills.

The ship was the Primae, a Planetary interaction helper. Im not sure how amazingly useful it is, but its task is basically to be a fast little pop about, it has a commodities hanger for moving PI materials around that is 1000m3 and a bay for a single elite command centre. Other than that it has 4 low slots and that is pretty much that!

It brings my training for Elite Command Centres to within the next 5 hours, which is pretty good. As I have some experience now with PI I think I shall start to reevaluate if it is really worthwhile, or if i should maybe focus on t2. My gut tells me T2 is more high volume and such, will be very cut throat. But if i can manage high production rate of one or two items with minimal effort, all will work perfectly fine.

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