Bigging up the Faction loot… and loosing a drake

This weekend I got to play EvE a little more than usual, and I spent the time flying around in my Tengu scan probing and generally having fun. I decided to take the plunge and head out into the Lows and carry on the probing expedition. I figured as I didn’t really fancy loosing my Tengu out there to Pirates or a particularly violent pack of NPCs id fit up a Drake, got into my jumpclone and went off to have a laugh.

And a laugh I did have! I got about 6 Jumps into low sec, had a nice scan about found some interesting things. I managed to snag myself a -2 Dark Blood scrambler… nice 50mill ish and one of those low grade implants. Nothing great about it the market said.

Off one route I found a complex “Minor Blood Annex” I looked it up on the wiki and thought, yeah that seems ok in a drake.

I was rather wrong, getting jumped by everything in the first room and noss’d like id never been before I found myself somewhat without much of a ship left. Now, I was trying to warp out, however the recharge rate of the passive tanked drake was somewhat lower than the cycle rate on the Blood raiders nos… SOooooo after about 2 hours in low sec I was shamefully splattered by Blood raiders and not some PVPer… which makes me sad, as usually PVP battles are alot more fun. I think I will likely try and fit something bigger maybe a cheap raven or Domi and get back out there. It is at this point that Riku comes to mind. Having backup for this stuff would be very very good… and good fun to.

Lessons learnt
My super tank Drake wasn’t so super tanked.
Just because your tank is passive doesn’t mean you don’t need any cap.
I need to do better than I am currently doing

😀 All in all, I think I broke even, with the amount of Dark Blood loot i have snagged over the weekend If I was to sell it all Id be more than over the cost of that Drake and fittings.

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