Bigging up the Faction Loot

I enjoy going on scan probing trips, back before CCP fixed the “over spawning” of Guristas complexes I made quite alot of isk in Empire from finding and getting lucky with 4/10 complexs and Pithum C-Type medium shield boosters.

Since the bug fix I have been a little frustrated with it and took a long long break. As Riku is likely going to be setup elsewhere in the eve universe than Caldari Space I have moved over to Tash-Murkon, and been doing ‘day trips’ to Khanid for scan probing.

As mentioned before this has had some pretty good rewards. Today was no exception, I was lucky enough to find a Blood Raider Outpost and managed to snag a Dark Blood Warp Scram (the -1 strength) Which from my quick look on contracts just got me 60million.

Nowhere near as good as would be in 0.0 but it is early days. Im starting to venture out into the lows, and to get accustomed to the kinds of pilots out there. 😉

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