EvE 1.0.4 – And scan probe adventures

So today we receive a small, mainly mac orientated patch of eve to apparently fix some of the mac related issues.

I do play on the mac occasionally, I have a MacBook Pro and while the performance is not great it is still playable. It does however totally crash out on occasion. Iv never really bothered reporting the crashes as they do seem to happen in odd times… like when entering text in the chat for example. So if im not really talking to anyone, things are generally stable.

This patch boasts fixes for various crashes… so we will see how the game performs.
Prior to this about a week or so ago I wandered over to Khanid space. The main purpose was to do some scan probing and generally just fly around and get a feel for the area. During my Journey I stumbled upon a 6/10 complex as described here


The Complex was soloable in a Tengu except fo rthe end where i didnt really have the setup correct for the high bounty overseer. With the aid of a corp mate we cleared up this complex.
It dropped a Corpum A-Type Energized magnetic plate and a Ashimmu blueprint. In all along with a few other goodies probably around 200million worth of stuff.
In my travels I also picked up a few invention tools and a Dark Blood Magnetic plate also. When i have more time I will likely frequent the area a little more.

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