Day 4

Location : J165224
Class : 3
Region : Unknown
Time :022:34

My search continues for an exit point, this system appears to be completely isolated from the outside. Either that or I have missed a signature during my scanning. This system seems to be inside a dense nebulae, the Stars behind it are difficult to see, not seeing them clearly for this long makes this place seem dull and depressing.

I found another exit point. This time to Syndicate, there is nothing for me in this region, I took a long look at the stars and once again I turn back to the wormhole. Having no other luck in the system I decided to study the rings of one of the system’s gas giants. This place is so empty, the structures I have found on scan may as well be abandoned.

signing off, I will hope for an exit to a useful place. Flying around here has wet my appetite, I shall have to return in the future with a combat ready vessel. Now, to find an exit…

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