Day 2

Location : Pimebeka
Region : Tash-Murkon
Time :19:32

Business brought me to, Tash-Murkon, a Region I barely know. Unfortunately it meant abandoning my Tengu before the outset of my planned expedition. I was able to find and equip a Buzzard for the Journey however.I located a wormhole near to Planet IV, sensors indicate it leads to unknown space.
Location : J155737
Class : 2
Region : Unknown
Time :20:45

The first thing that happened when I entered u-space was an almost doubling of my shield capacity, very interesting phenomenon. The system is composed of 7 planets, each rich and seemingly untouched. The system star is an M0 class, though instead of the system having a red hue, the light here is dominated by what appears to be an accretion disk of a quasar or black hole. I have no idea how far away from k-space I am, I certainly haven’t seen anything like it before.
Preliminary scans of the system revealed two spacial signatures. The first, an ore deposit with little interest, and the second, a wormhole. I will investigate the wormhole further.

Location : J165224
Class : 3
Region : Unknown
Time :21:12
The host Class G5 Pink star gives this system a clear yellow dull hue, the wormhole delivered me into the orbit of the 5th out of 8 planets. A Green Gas giant with a beautifully divided ring system. My sensors flashed to warn me of local structures, including a mobile warp disrupter. Only two jumps into the unknown and I am already seeing evidence of capsuleers. I should tread lightly.
A scan of the system revealed an interesting object, I took this shot from as close as I dare get. Several cruiser sized vessel orbited an object Identified as Oruze Construct. These must be the sleepers I had heard about before, I would be wise to go undetected.

Oruze Construct

I will keep exploring.

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