Day 1

Time – : 04:40
Location – Gulfonodi

Today I start my search, a few of the locals back at Joint harvesting toasted me as a fool last night in the bar. They are probably right. The dock foreman wasn’t so jovial with me, I seem to make enemies of them quite quickly with my indecisiveness. It seems sighing and muttering `Make up your mind’ was the most common phrase said during the hour or so it took me to select which modules I wanted to construct my Tengu out of. Either way, I am out here now, loaded with missiles, drones and probes. I have hit a number of signatures, unfortunately nothing of much interest to me.

I will keep on searching. In the mean time I have been flying some of this systems 29 belts. The belts of planet VIII, a huge Gas giant where quite pretty, with the presence of minerals comes piracy, the Angle Cartel seemed to be making some noise touring the belts just as I was. I left them to their own devices, any capsuleer around these parts worth their bacon could easily defend themselves against the small offerings on show.

I hope tomorrow yields better luck, signing off.

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