[Riku] – Check Lists

OK so the planning of the plan has started and it is pretty clear I cannot set any firm goals with Riku in its current condition. So I have now a few ideas of short and long term goals.


  • Shape up the corp structure
  • Relocate HQ and personal gear to a new home.
  • Shape up and shake down hangers. (there are a few impounded items, I need to check and see if there is any value there though with the original shakedown this is unlikely)
  • In reference to top point, organise corp titles
  • Start advertising for people
  • Come up with a simple vetting procedure.


  • Direction for the corp, 0.0 living? [Rent space? Try join an alliance? Go to some of the npc owned areas?]
  • Empire projects, mission running? Mining?
  • Evaluate PI and it’s role for the corp. This will most likely be useless as PI seems to be personal rather than corporate ventures.
  • Get a plan
  • Eat cake as often as money and availability allows.

Some of these points I already have answers for or at least directions. The corp will have a fairly standard structure at the start with CEO and Directors, the directors being any old players who I already know who I can attract back to the corp. Thus far I just have a single person, possibly two. Other short term items are not a big deal either, simply a case of going through the titles and checking the boxes and testing it out to see if we are as secure as I want to be.

More to follow when it comes.

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