So you “Plan to get a plan”

As was said in the channel after I talked about having control of Riku, I need to get a plan.

So what kind of plan should that be? and what will be needed?

First maybe I should work out what I can do, and what Id like to get out of it. Running a corp as experience has shown is not a walk in the park, and has some risks. As Im fairly convinced, the internet is a festering cesspit of kids who think being an asshole pretty much is the point of life. “Its all for the lols”

This in mind I would like to attract older players to the corp. However what can I offer them? Not a great deal at the moment that is for sure. So I am likely stuck with the new players and basically having a nub starter corp, plus any of my old friends I can convince to sign up.

The things I want to avoid

  • Morons – Maybe Im just getting older and more like some miserable old man than I want to admit, but I really don’t find the idea of being in a corp full of 16 year old prats who just got their parents to sub them up and are about as mature as a two day old, very appealing. Iv dealt with a few such characters in the past and the fewer of these types the better!
  • Raided – I have experienced theft a number of times ingame and no one can say that it is fine and all apart of the fun and games. Because to me it goes back to my Morons point.
  • Scouted – Now I will either be branded as a Carebear, or someone who has a point. Don’t get me wrong, I actually LOVE PvP, its exciting, gives me a rush and I love the feeling of having a team work together and do some serious pwning. HOWEVER, being a gentlemanly type, what I find annoying is the scouting and wardecing of small corps just for the cheap LOLs by a corp filled with people described in point number 1. It really isn’t anything to be proud of stomping all over a small corp that cannot really rise to the fight you bring them. Its a little bit like the a modern nation going and stomping all over a 3rd world country then acting like it was an achievement. (before anyone points out… yes I know that sound familiar.) Maybe I will write an entry on how I feel about this subject later

The above 3 points can for the most part be avoided by careful filtering, careful role setup and monitoring, and not making too much noise out in the field. Unfortunately nothing can really stop you getting a wardec or two.

I think the plan to start with is simply to get a few members in the corp, nubs probably, so I can shape them a bit. It is not as bad as it sounds, but i think the whole idea of vetting new members to weed out the idiots is definitely worth while. After this, the actual plan should be planned so to speak.

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2 Responses to So you “Plan to get a plan”

  1. CrazyKinux says:

    Just added you to the EVE Player Blogroll and would appreciate a link on your blog (blogroll) linking back to CrazyKinux’s Musing.

    Thanks and welcome to the EVE Blogging Community!

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