Rakeriku – The Rebirth?

When I first played my 14 day free trial sent to me by a friend of mine, I instinctively joined the same corp and flew about with him. This was G-Guild [GG]. I stayed in GG for a while, getting to know the ropes, getting to know EvE, getting killed in a few wars and generally being a huge nub.

Then during one evening I joined up with a two buddies and we hatched a plan to build our very own corp. So it started with us 3 and we came up with a name that apparently, when put into Google returned no hits. I didn’t try it myself but the name sounded cool enough.

So the Rebirth? Well, in its heyday Riku (as we called it for short) built ships, and made a pretty good business in eve selling them, running mining ops and generally just being pretty good. Myself i was the lazyer of the directors and didn’t really do that much other than pos fuel runs and picking up the occasional bpc, sort out mineral payments. Overall my biggest contribution was that of a Mission running project where the aim was to generate a Caldari Navy Raven offer (yep, not from the LP store but an old style offer).

During the latter stages due to real life issues or time constraints most members faded away and so did our main core of directors. Either leaving for other corps with more activity or just suspending accounts.

In the end the CEOship of the corp fell to one of its founding members, and his account was not re-subbed and so the Riku name was no more.

Until that is now, with the 5 day free account activation, the character is back and I have joined up and had the CEOship transferred, so I am back and the owner of a corp to which I had many fond memories, and made many friends. Will I attempt to bring it back? I haven’t decided yet as it is a lot of work. Maybe, just maybe this could be a Rebirth of sorts.

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