The Primae


Visiting a planet


Here is a nice screenshot of the Primae. It is a nicely designed ship, someone had alot of time and made a lovely model. As mentioned previously the specs for this ship are somewhat of a puzzle for us ‘end game’ characters with many skillpoints under our belt.

As said in Morphisats blog; it seems somewhat useless for us, and is basically just a ship for the new players without industrial skills.

So lets weigh it up if it isn’t that obvious.
We have a ship with;
4 lowslots
100m3 Cargo
1000m3 PI hold
1600m3 Command Centre hold.

So, if for example you are setting up a PI operation, involving 5 planets (like I did previously to produce Nano-Factories) you plan it and buy 5 command centres totalling  8000m3 and we run into our first problem.

The ship is for single planet deployment, this wastes a hell of alot of time, it is possible with a few days of training get a standard hauler with over 8000m3 cargo to allow transport of all these items. This means you need to deploy and return and pick up for each planet. Which as iv pointed out is a waste of time and effort.

So we have a 1000m3 PI hold… this translates to
100,000 units of raw materials
2631 units of level 1 processed materials
666 units of level 2 processed materials
166 units of level 3 processed materials
10 units of top level final products

This is fairly reasonable, however remember that your storage installations hold 5000m3. So if like me you tend to leave your plants for a few days before unloading them, and moving the commodities around for final level processing, you are left with making multiple trips… if you are in the same system that is not so bad, but if its jumps away then this is once again a simple pain and a waste of time. A small hauler would still do much better.

So for small running about with stuff, it is great for the new players who have nearly no skills, for everyone else, its somewhat a waste of time unfortunately.

Despite all this i can still understand the reason why it exists. Well think of all the gifts we have had in the past

Snowballs+Launchers that do negative thermal damage….
A fancy Jove shuttle
A wh scan probe spec ship ++++
The PI spec ship.

So things have been getting more useful, though not a great deal. The scanprobe ship is probably the coolest one for its usefulness, though this said if you have lots of skillpoints costly alternatives are still 100x better.

But these are free gifts, it is important not to break the game with a few over powered freebies. If you gave a ship for PI and made it infinately more useful than a hauler, why would people use haulers? They wouldn’t and bing! you just broke some of the eve economy.

So the important thing to remember is no free gift is ever going to replace any of the ships you currently have. It would be foolish for CCP to give us anything that is anything but a novelty.

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