Tyrannis 1.0.2

After a hugely extended downtime last week (which I hardly noticed due to huge work demand and that of relocating a house) CCP have decided to give the players a gift to say sorry.

That is, some skillpoints and a ship (I think a ship). Skill points should apparently be equivalent to normal training during the downtime. I haven’t been bothered to check to see how much that is.

Either way I am patching currently, and EvEmon is telling me only 7 players are online. Which means the server is not accepting connections.


So number of skill points was 100,000 which was fairly good going, for my current skill (I indeed allocated it to that skill to bring close to completion) was Command Centre upgrades, and was equivalent to about 2 days training. However im very slow at these skills so yes it is likely about 1 day of training for good learning skills.

The ship was the Primae, a Planetary interaction helper. Im not sure how amazingly useful it is, but its task is basically to be a fast little pop about, it has a commodities hanger for moving PI materials around that is 1000m3 and a bay for a single elite command centre. Other than that it has 4 low slots and that is pretty much that!

It brings my training for Elite Command Centres to within the next 5 hours, which is pretty good. As I have some experience now with PI I think I shall start to reevaluate if it is really worthwhile, or if i should maybe focus on t2. My gut tells me T2 is more high volume and such, will be very cut throat. But if i can manage high production rate of one or two items with minimal effort, all will work perfectly fine.

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