Sisters of EvE how they like to make me neutral

Well my mission running continues and thanks to several storyline missions I now have a standing of over 6.0 with them which means I can take high-sec level 4s with them.

Along the way however because they are basically not on any – one factions side they do shell out missions against friendly factions to me. Due to this my standings have dropped a little with the Caldari, which I did want to avoid. (It is at 8.20 down from 8.8) the base aim with them is definitely as the diplomats. While my Caldari standings have gone down, my Gallente and Minmatar standings have goneup. So no fear of being gunned down by a faction thats for sure!

Planetary interaction is going well thus far, prices are somewhat unstable so i have been building and generally holding onto things. Iv taken a day off from messing about with it and just let it all run. So likely when i check up over the weekend everything will be shut down or not working. So far iv produced about 60 nano-factories. Which is around 30million worth, probably less than my initial setup cost. But its only been about a week so i shouldnt moan just yet.

I still have two weeks left before I have elite command centres and will evaluate whether to continue or if the extra 2k of power would help production.

In all i have noticed one thing, having to log in every 5 hours is simply a pain in the nuts. Once a day would be nice. If Elite command centres allow me to do that it would make things much better (though i really do doubt the 2k of powergrid will help me at all… it basically means two mines…)

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