In Search of a Virtue Set

I have been known to enjoy scan probing, either exploration or occasionally for people trying to hide (though i havn’t combat probed for a while). Now, the best gear you can get for this (other than a cov-ops or T3 ship) is Sisters of EvE faction gear. Now I can just be boring and afford to buy everything in. But I haven’t run any missions for a while, so i decided that having a high standing with the Sisters is probably good, and to maybe get myself a Virtue set of implants would also be good. The give bonus to scan probing which would make my Tengu (T3) even more cool.

Starting out with zero standings with the Sisters is also a pain, so far i have worked up to level 2 agents…

To make it more interesting than showing up and pwning everything with my Tengu, I decided to give my Gila a try, so i can turn up and let my drones pwn everything đŸ˜€

The problem with running missions for the Sisters is that all the agents are Admin agents which means about a 70 – 30 split between kill missions and crap stuff like… fly some items over here. I am enjoying the Gila, the drone bonus and the huge storage bay means you can use Heavy drones with it. I also passive tanked it, so effectively it is a fairly hands off mission runner.

Repair Drone repairing a Drone

So far, im at a standing of 3.5…. need to get up to 6 for the local level 4 agent – Why go from level 2s to level 4? well all the level 3 agents are either MILEs away… or in lowsec

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