Planetary Interaction

So my first post, will be about something which is fairly new in EvE, Planetary Interaction.

As with all new features in EvE i like to have an experiment and see what can be done and what isk can be made! The basic principle is to mine basic components and then refine those into commodities, then transform those into other goods etc. In total there are 4 tiers of items that can be built.

In all this appears to be a plan by CCP to do away with NPC corps building anything for sale to the players, this is a gutsy move and will require some careful planning and balancing. My first attempt at PI was to manufacture POS fuel, I found a nice plasma world and set to work. I setup such that i was able to make about 76.5k isk an hour in fuel, not bad, but not lots either, this wasn’t going to make me the richest person in the world by any stretch of the imagination.

I decided to draw up a spredsheet of sorts to work out what i needed to manufacture

mmmmm complicated

Nanite Repair paste from nothing….

So I checked the cost per unit, about 1.1k pu…. this wouldn’t pay much either and would be about 100 times more effort. I took a look at the other things I could put together, namely Nano-Factories…. yeah those things.

Same deal

Equally complicated

This however was a little different, Nano-factories go (currently) for about 500+ k pu… SO in theory, that could be 500k an hour if everything is running smooth. Again not lots but not bad either.

So i went to work…

Lets make some NANOs

This is my main production planet, thats why there is little structure and many many yellow dots (manufacturing plants) than anything else. This is just one of 5 worlds im getting materials from. Over all it is taking a bit of optimization, it certainly doesnt run itself. However it can be made to run itself if i have one extra world.

We will see just how this turns out!

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One Response to Planetary Interaction

  1. Morph says:

    Haha I like your spreadsheets :). Your planets look a lot more organized than mine !

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