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Tyrannis 1.0.2

After a hugely extended downtime last week (which I hardly noticed due to huge work demand and that of relocating a house) CCP have decided to give the players a gift to say sorry. That is, some skillpoints and a … Continue reading

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Sisters of EvE how they like to make me neutral

Well my mission running continues and thanks to several storyline missions I now have a standing of over 6.0 with them which means I can take high-sec level 4s with them. Along the way however because they are basically not … Continue reading

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In Search of a Virtue Set

I have been known to enjoy scan probing, either exploration or occasionally for people trying to hide (though i havn’t combat probed for a while). Now, the best gear you can get for this (other than a cov-ops or T3 … Continue reading

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Planetary Interaction

So my first post, will be about something which is fairly new in EvE, Planetary Interaction. As with all new features in EvE i like to have an experiment and see what can be done and what isk can be … Continue reading

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