Bigging up the Faction loot… and loosing a drake

This weekend I got to play EvE a little more than usual, and I spent the time flying around in my Tengu scan probing and generally having fun. I decided to take the plunge and head out into the Lows and carry on the probing expedition. I figured as I didn’t really fancy loosing my Tengu out there to Pirates or a particularly violent pack of NPCs id fit up a Drake, got into my jumpclone and went off to have a laugh.

And a laugh I did have! I got about 6 Jumps into low sec, had a nice scan about found some interesting things. I managed to snag myself a -2 Dark Blood scrambler… nice 50mill ish and one of those low grade implants. Nothing great about it the market said.

Off one route I found a complex “Minor Blood Annex” I looked it up on the wiki and thought, yeah that seems ok in a drake.

I was rather wrong, getting jumped by everything in the first room and noss’d like id never been before I found myself somewhat without much of a ship left. Now, I was trying to warp out, however the recharge rate of the passive tanked drake was somewhat lower than the cycle rate on the Blood raiders nos… SOooooo after about 2 hours in low sec I was shamefully splattered by Blood raiders and not some PVPer… which makes me sad, as usually PVP battles are alot more fun. I think I will likely try and fit something bigger maybe a cheap raven or Domi and get back out there. It is at this point that Riku comes to mind. Having backup for this stuff would be very very good… and good fun to.

Lessons learnt
My super tank Drake wasn’t so super tanked.
Just because your tank is passive doesn’t mean you don’t need any cap.
I need to do better than I am currently doing

😀 All in all, I think I broke even, with the amount of Dark Blood loot i have snagged over the weekend If I was to sell it all Id be more than over the cost of that Drake and fittings.

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Bigging up the Faction Loot

I enjoy going on scan probing trips, back before CCP fixed the “over spawning” of Guristas complexes I made quite alot of isk in Empire from finding and getting lucky with 4/10 complexs and Pithum C-Type medium shield boosters.

Since the bug fix I have been a little frustrated with it and took a long long break. As Riku is likely going to be setup elsewhere in the eve universe than Caldari Space I have moved over to Tash-Murkon, and been doing ‘day trips’ to Khanid for scan probing.

As mentioned before this has had some pretty good rewards. Today was no exception, I was lucky enough to find a Blood Raider Outpost and managed to snag a Dark Blood Warp Scram (the -1 strength) Which from my quick look on contracts just got me 60million.

Nowhere near as good as would be in 0.0 but it is early days. Im starting to venture out into the lows, and to get accustomed to the kinds of pilots out there. 😉

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EvE 1.0.4 – And scan probe adventures

So today we receive a small, mainly mac orientated patch of eve to apparently fix some of the mac related issues.

I do play on the mac occasionally, I have a MacBook Pro and while the performance is not great it is still playable. It does however totally crash out on occasion. Iv never really bothered reporting the crashes as they do seem to happen in odd times… like when entering text in the chat for example. So if im not really talking to anyone, things are generally stable.

This patch boasts fixes for various crashes… so we will see how the game performs.
Prior to this about a week or so ago I wandered over to Khanid space. The main purpose was to do some scan probing and generally just fly around and get a feel for the area. During my Journey I stumbled upon a 6/10 complex as described here

The Complex was soloable in a Tengu except fo rthe end where i didnt really have the setup correct for the high bounty overseer. With the aid of a corp mate we cleared up this complex.
It dropped a Corpum A-Type Energized magnetic plate and a Ashimmu blueprint. In all along with a few other goodies probably around 200million worth of stuff.
In my travels I also picked up a few invention tools and a Dark Blood Magnetic plate also. When i have more time I will likely frequent the area a little more.

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Day 4

Location : J165224
Class : 3
Region : Unknown
Time :022:34

My search continues for an exit point, this system appears to be completely isolated from the outside. Either that or I have missed a signature during my scanning. This system seems to be inside a dense nebulae, the Stars behind it are difficult to see, not seeing them clearly for this long makes this place seem dull and depressing.

I found another exit point. This time to Syndicate, there is nothing for me in this region, I took a long look at the stars and once again I turn back to the wormhole. Having no other luck in the system I decided to study the rings of one of the system’s gas giants. This place is so empty, the structures I have found on scan may as well be abandoned.

signing off, I will hope for an exit to a useful place. Flying around here has wet my appetite, I shall have to return in the future with a combat ready vessel. Now, to find an exit…

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Day 3

Location : J165224
Class : 3
Region : Unknown
Time :06:07

I located an exit point of this system, a wormhole with an ID U210 lead me to Ahbazon, a 0.4 system in the Genesis region. I returned the way I came and re-entered J165224 in search of a more interesting exit.
There are some really huge asteroids out here, I am not sure how long the sleepers would let anyone at them however.

Some epic mining to be had

The search for another exit point continues, I hope this system is not a dead end.

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Day 2

Location : Pimebeka
Region : Tash-Murkon
Time :19:32

Business brought me to, Tash-Murkon, a Region I barely know. Unfortunately it meant abandoning my Tengu before the outset of my planned expedition. I was able to find and equip a Buzzard for the Journey however.I located a wormhole near to Planet IV, sensors indicate it leads to unknown space.
Location : J155737
Class : 2
Region : Unknown
Time :20:45

The first thing that happened when I entered u-space was an almost doubling of my shield capacity, very interesting phenomenon. The system is composed of 7 planets, each rich and seemingly untouched. The system star is an M0 class, though instead of the system having a red hue, the light here is dominated by what appears to be an accretion disk of a quasar or black hole. I have no idea how far away from k-space I am, I certainly haven’t seen anything like it before.
Preliminary scans of the system revealed two spacial signatures. The first, an ore deposit with little interest, and the second, a wormhole. I will investigate the wormhole further.

Location : J165224
Class : 3
Region : Unknown
Time :21:12
The host Class G5 Pink star gives this system a clear yellow dull hue, the wormhole delivered me into the orbit of the 5th out of 8 planets. A Green Gas giant with a beautifully divided ring system. My sensors flashed to warn me of local structures, including a mobile warp disrupter. Only two jumps into the unknown and I am already seeing evidence of capsuleers. I should tread lightly.
A scan of the system revealed an interesting object, I took this shot from as close as I dare get. Several cruiser sized vessel orbited an object Identified as Oruze Construct. These must be the sleepers I had heard about before, I would be wise to go undetected.

Oruze Construct

I will keep exploring.

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Inspired By Images Entry – Playing Dice with the Rabbit

This is my entry to the Inspired By Images Of Eve Competition 2. More details and links to all entrants can be found at Starfleet Comms

–Playing Dice with the Rabbit–

I rarely stepped out of my pod for anything, ever since I took to the stars I have found the immortality somewhat reduced when I was simply human bound by gravity and the confines of a planet or station. Many mistook this for arrogance, I think it was more fear of what I had left behind and my distaste for how differently everyone treats you when they see the sockets. They might think I am ‘one of the gods’, but I feel anything but that.

It was a time like this that made it all the more apparent. I drifted quietly in a rough orbit of Sivala VI, I watched the chaotic swirls of the storm world with a mild envy. Though this shell gave me more sensations than anyone would hope to experience, I could not bare to feel the wind on my face, not in this body.

*Damage management system engaged, restoring main reactor* Finally the nanites had pieced together enough of my body to get parts of it functioning. I would still need to dock for a full repair, but for now this would do.

*Fusion Reactor cold start engaged* Many capsuleers would have abandoned a ship in this condition, I on the other hand had a job to complete. The battered victor of a calculated battle. I could have brought something that assured victory, but I enjoyed the adrenaline rush I got when I knew the battle would be close. I always knew the odds could turn against me, especially with the Guristas, they tended to be able to draw in pilots together more than the other factions. At least when I was up against them that was maybe I’d done something they had taken particular offence too.

*Power 10%, stabilisers operational at 5% capacity* I slowly lugged the Taranis out of its spin and levelled it with the marked axis of the storm world below me, trying not to strain the jets too badly. This little bird was amazing, and even more amazing was the way it held together without armour, and only 20 or so % hull integrity.

A light flashed on the inside of my capsule, I looked up slowly.
*Incoming call from Solus Epideme*
`You alive out there?’
`More or less.’
`Did you get it?’
`Yes, and it is still intact. You might have warned me the Guristas had substantial local patrols here.’
`Not my fault, they came in from Kubinen, CONCORD got some of them on the way through but unfortunately some got through.’
`What is so important about this cargo Solus? That isn’t normal behaviour for these guys.’
`Just don’t open it, you will be glad it is in state hands. That is all I can say. Just dock up and we will take it from there.’
`I might be a few hours yet, lets just hope I can get my warp drive online before they come back.’
*Warp-drive operational at 15%, charging capacitor, rate is 30% of nominal*
`—OK scratch that last comment, as long as they don’t show up within the next 30 seconds we are good’
`I am already good Eros, You on the other hand have some friends inbound, CONCORD are engaged on the Kubinen stargate once again. Multiple battleships. Good luck friend.’

The line dropped. I began checking my damage monitors with great vigour, I routed the nanites to repair only my capacitor, drive systems and armour. I would need as much speed as possible. I slowly engaged the main thrusters it felt very laboured, within 20 seconds I was approaching 100m/s. Small fragments of armour began covering the holes in my skin, and the ship began to come to life, It started to feel less sick and more beautiful as it did before.

*Warning, incoming contacts. Hostile ID codes confirmed*
4 battleships dropped out of warp 50 km away, one of them promptly exploded producing a forward projected burst of fire and smoke, another was clearly in some distress but the other two seemed to have gotten through totally unscathed. It would take them about 20 seconds for them to lock me, and another 40 seconds for their missiles to reach me. It is a good job they didn’t send any intercep…. crap. Two intercepters dropped out of warp and began a rapid approach, it would still probably take about 20 seconds.

Come on baby, The Taranis was feeling and looking better, though on the inside she was still quite broken.  I repeatedly tried to throw it into warp but the drive kept folding on each attempt. On the tenth attempt, with the interceptors closing on 20 km, My AI said the most wonderful words I had heard all day.

*Warp Drive Active, velocity set at 0.5 AU/s*
The Taranis dragged itself into warp, heading to the opposite side of the system. The route took me past the host star. It approached slowly, at this speed it was possible to appreciate how its colours changed, and  how the glow cast shadows over my vessel as I began inspecting the damage with my camera drones, making each ridge and dent more obvious than normal. The Guristas where long gone, I had to make several jumps in order to drop off my cargo, but CONCORD would not let them chase me. The star passed below and then behind me as I began to slow. I plotted a triangular warp pattern which would allow me to keep on the move while the Nanites strengthened the vessel. I wasn’t going to take any more chances.

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